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painting show held over until mid Feb!

My river paintings will remain on exhibition until mid February at Snoqualmie City Hall, Snoqualmie Washington!

Painting in Exhibition

The river painitngs are currently on dispaly in the Snoqualmie City Hall – a beautiful new building with a river theme. They look great.

Here is a link to their web-page with directions.

Snoqualime is about 45 mins due east of Seattle on I-90. Be sure and see the falls while you are there.

show is down … but sales are up!

The show is down but I’m not taking home all the paintings!

Looking forward to seeing you Tomorrow!

I am looking forward to seeing you at the opening of my show tomorrow at 4:00 – as always see the site map for details!

Listed in the Seattle PI

Oil painting is alive and well. This northwest artist, former student of Robert Fulghum, and Brooklyn expatriate,

reminds us what the excitement of a descriptive brush marks and intense color is all about.

The Exhibition is Up!

The show was hung yesterday morning and looks great.

It is only open to the public during church hours – so the opening on the 29th is the best time to go unless you happen to be by the neighborhood around ten on a Sunday…

Here a picture with my cell phone – I will take better ones this week and post them.

directional marks in a completed oil painting

After a lot of work – I think I’m done. My show is being hung in a few weeks so I need to be done….¬† The big change I made was change the direction of the marks on the ground – which is swamp – i changed them from horizontal to vertical. The water is flowing down in all directions.

The painting has been a big challenge – and I’ve never done a large painting in a few weeks before – I think I spent about 60 hours on it – I painted many 8 hour days – and into the night…

click on the image for a larger view ……

photo of painting compared to original painting …

this was an interesting way to work on this painting and something I’d never done – i made a black and white print of a photo of it and compared it to the original photo – girding it off in the same way the original was. Technology can be amazing! It can give you a new perspective on your work. I’d advise to any painter.


tomorrow – the finished painging!

nearing completion in an oil painting

I have put in a number of eight hour days on this thing. It’s different than the way I usually paint – there is a lot more surface rendering. But like the plants in my garden this river delta is very much alive!

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some of the big jumps iin the slide show have to do with the some what hapazard way I took the photographs in my studio¬†– they are at slightly different angles and that made for some uneven cropping …